We have found a 'SHE' photographer...

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We are so happy to be working with the uber creative photographer, Serene Power from London. Her style and personal ethos eliminates many of our core thoughts, as fellow female creatives. We gave her a call, told her our vision and she ran miles past where we were even thinking. Immediately she began to draft her talented team to execute, the first Gridmoves photoshoot.

We wanted to take a few author pictures, but we were not prepared to do the usual folded arms, head-shot scenario. We wanted to get slightly ‘out there’ by taking photographs that represents the story we are telling in our online book.  We wanted visuals that were perfect for our social media time-line and also represented our key word ‘SELF-REVOLUTION’.

Stay posted, more coming soon….

Born and raised in East London, photographer Serene Power has emerged into the forefront of digital creativity.

She uses her own personal style to recreate her vision, capturing and portraying her own style on different models, while building her visual portfolio of different musicians within the music industry.

Serene is launching her website in January 2018, which will go by the name of MyGenWhy, this means ‘Generation Why?’ Yes, it is a question but the meaning, stems from a questionable era of which we now live in. Social media has a massive effect on how we present ourselves to others and the world at large.

The website is a creative outlook of photography from our generations point of view.

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