From the Creators


We added this section to the site, so that whoever is interested in our project can gleam more insight into the creators. We have had an Instagram account for a quite a while and never once did we dare to post a photo of ourselves. However, in light of our launch, we decided to just go for it and live on the edge of personal branding!

Initially, we were just going to just do a Q & A session, so that our readers could learn more about our thinking, in regards to the creation of the GRID SOCIETY concept and book. Then we thought, no, let’s have some fun. We recruited a photographer (Serene Power) to take a few photos but we wanted the visuals to be just a tad more creative than your traditional author picture. Disclaimer: we are not models in the slightest, this is not our remit by far!

Each photo represents a different element in the book. Three of the settings are actual places on THE GRID, Quantum, Base Zero and The Swamps. A few images represent the energy which circulates THE GRID and lastly, one setting is simply about the brand we have created. Please enjoy our thought process and visuals.

Grid society is a new society, which serves as a metaphor for life on earth. It takes into account all the dynamics, politics, complexities of everyday life on Earth. However, Grid society, provides each member with a new way of operating – a new operating system, to overcome both societal and individual barriers; in turn, allowing each member to reach their potential.

Gridmoves is the company behind the development of Grid Society. I am Natasha: one of the co- founders of Gridmoves. Together, Tamara and I have developed a new system.

It began from a dark place, a place where Tamara and I were unhappy with our position in life (on the Grid), and decided to start to hold each other accountable for changes we wanted to make. We started to recognise that at times, the changes that we needed to make were always more complex, than initially meets the eye. From that, we started to deeply analyse our every action, examining where we wanted to head, who and what was stopping us- this analysis led us to develop the new system of operation.

This is for people, who are serious about making change in their lives. This is for people, who are willing to reflect deeply on exactly what they are doing in their lives and with whom. This is for people, who are willing to go through a meaningful process of becoming their most authentic self. This is for people who, seek balance in their life; those who often get overwhelmed and cannot find structure in their lives. Fundamentally, this is for the people, who are willing and committed to TAKE ACTION to get to where they want to be – this is for the people, who are not afraid of change and risk. At the same time, this is for the people who make excuses, who accept their position as final and are moving in circles. With that said, by no means, is this for the faint- hearted. Those who think change happens overnight, need not apply.

This cannot be pinned down exactly, but if you think somewhere between sci-fi and personal development. It has elements of fantasy, but that again, is only a metaphor. The fantasy is just a means of getting each member to think about their own life and personal development.

In every rejection, our vision and ethos became clearer. What we stood for and where we wanted to head became more prominent in our minds. This system promotes a revolution- when you are building a revolution, you don’t collaborate with the powers that be – you collaborate with the people. We wanted to make this accessible, we didn’t want to wait for agents, publishers, etc. – we wanted to bring this to the people NOW! The world needs this NOW.

Grid Society, challenges the status quo- it unpacks the systems that can at times, stop us. This promotes change, this promotes a revolution of minds; so when you have a revolution of minds, it doesn’t sit too well with the existing structures. Hence why, we feel, in order to deliver the message in its true form, we must be independent.

You will get 2 years access to what may be called an instruction manual, of how to operate the instructions for the Grid Operating System. The manual will provide you with a comprehensive description of the different Grids, the positioning of where you are on the Grid currently and where you want to be. It will provide you with a detailed typology of the 9 characters that live on the Grid, aiding you in identifying which Gridite you are and also who those around you are. Further, the system will provide you with a framework and codes for deciphering the vision you have for yourself and how you will strategically move every day, in order to achieving it. Underpinning all of that, the system will support people to feel good in the process, a system of self-reward and accountability.

The new system accounts for challenges and complexities, but it does not allow for excuses or lack of action. Grid Society promotes action and reward. It does not justify laziness or hiding behind the past – it focuses on the now and the strategic moves that need to happen to change your future. Grid Society promote the truth.

So far, we have trialled and tested the system extensively. Members, have become somewhat obsessed, ranging from what they wear to the Grid language they have adopted. But more importantly, people have spoken about the way that once they are introduced to the concept, they cannot get it out of their minds. The colours green and orange are a daily reminder of what they should and should not be doing. The concept seeps its way into people’s every move. It’s described as a new way of life – it provides them with a go-to for analysing every feeling and action they encounter. It helps them to sort and sift through the chaos that current life presents. It offers a means of order, but order that promotes action and achievement of personal potential. See our ‘from the people’ page for some of the feedback.

It is a new world that we have created; you could say is an exaggerated version of Earth, but the laws and rules of daily running order are obviously different. Hence, why we believe it garners its own society. The people of the Grid, who we call the Gridities, have 99 problems; just like us, here on Earth.

I, Tamara – together, with Natasha, have created Gridmoves which then went onto to shape the Grid Society concept.

With us wanting to create a 10 page PDF for a University Presentation. That was the absolute beginning of the book and Gridmoves. However, our need for change and analysing the world at large came a year or so before that. How we got here, almost 4 years later is totally beyond me. Let’s just say: once we had begun, we just couldn’t stop.

This is for people, who want change and are prepared to take responsibility for where they currently are in life; for those who understand where they need to go, to achieve their desired change in life. It is aimed at people who want to process the world that we live, in a completely different approach; reframing some of life’s relentless complexities.

It’s typically falls in the self-help department, but it’s not your typical preachy, you must do this because I-know-best book. It’s more of a story based concept, which allows you to form your own conclusions. We also believe, that this will entice people who generally do not read personal development. Like all creatives, we believe that Grid Society is unique and we have created our own genre for this book – self revolution.

From the very beginning, we outlined all options and tried all our options by seeking traditional book representation. We even secured an agent and after many conversations and negations, coupled with the fact that you don’t own copyrights – especially as new authors – we said “let’s do this solo”. It felt better; it felt on brand. However, we also knew that we did not want to have a typical book system, so we consider our readers as members, whereby they also get to see and experience the Grid. You can’t wait for permission and you won’t even make everyone happy with some decisions, but if it feels right in your soul, then do it!

You will be more aware of your character- the good aspects and your flaws.
You will become more aware of the characters around you – do they push you or hold you back?
You will become more aware of the energy you emit daily – is it positive it or is it negative?
When you are a member of this society – you have work to do, especially if you want to change your Grid positioning. You have assignments to carry out, that will sharpen your vision of self. The assignments will reveal your truths – the good, the bad and the ugly, but importantly it is a completely fun and enjoyable journey.

The feedback has been overwhelming. People have found the characters particularly compelling, that they never forget them – to the extent of even developing nicknames for them! Grid language also began to organically develop amongst those who are members, which people just won’t recognise or appreciate, unless they are members of Grid Society; but nonetheless intrigues them into wanting to be a part of the movement.
The feedback has shown that the whole system has an obsessive feel to it, as it plays with popular culture themes like fashion trends – members began to buy new clothes or wear the brand colours more often.
We have amazing testimonials, once you get on the Grid, there are obsessive aspects for everyone.