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Many people have asked us to tell them, which character they are on the Grid? Others ask, “is there an on-line test I can take or can I quickly complete a questionnaire of sorts?”

The answer is an unequivocal, NO.

Grid Society has not been created to tell you, who you are, nor who you should become. No one has the right or knowledge to tell you, who you are or who you should be. Instead, Grid Society: Life on The Grey Grid provides you with a typology of characters which compel you to analyse yourself.  Only you are able to be honest about your character, it is in this analysis that you will unravel which character or characters you are on the Grid.

Furthermore, authentically unpacking your character is not a quick, easy, straight-forward or pain-free process – who you are on one day, may not be who you are on another, further, who you are when you are doing one thing, may not be who you are when doing another, therefore it is key that the process of analysing your GRID CHARACTER remains your work, your process and your truth.

Which character are you on the Grid?

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