Thank you @rustyeye_vision

Meet Silvio
GRID LOCATION: Bologna, Italy

Silvio will be supplying a series of amazing visuals for our project. All of his visuals will be labelled with his details, so watch out for his amazing work in our online book.

About Silvio

My name is Silvio Colea. I am a creative web developer based in Bologna, Italy.  I have a keen interest in visuals and photography, these are really the power generators for all my work and hobbies.

As a amateur photographer, I try to follow my own rules and style, looking at the world around me, trying to depict it from my unique perspective.

Also, I would like to say that photography is such a beautiful art form. We are here in this world for brief moments, living only  ‘in the moment’, photography can actually capture that moment for eternity, potentially.

Moments, memories and experiences are the only things that will follow us for the rest of our lives, so my goal is to make them count, both in my imagery and my life experiences .

Reporting from The Grid.

Follow Silvio

Instagram: rustyeye_vision


We are so thankful for all the amazing creatives on Instagram who are helping us to create our vision by supplying all the epic visuals for our upcoming online book, GRID SOCIETY: Life on the Grey Grid.

We are really passionate about using ‘social media’ images from mostly those who have supported us on Instagram over the years. We want to show how these visuals can be used in another creative format, in another arena, away from their social media platforms.

We are going to make history together, the future is bright, it is indeed #GRIDMOVESorange.

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