About the Book

Grid Society is a breakthrough concept in personal development that provides readers with a unique and gratifying opportunity in 3 ways.

 to analyse your past gridlife

 navigate your current grid location

 create the green print for your future grid

Most people find that in some ways their life is gridlocked – confined, controlled and restricted – be it by themselves or others. Gridmoves provides a self-directed platform, driven by your aspirations and desires, to unlock each individuals Grid. It highlights deficiencies in personality types which create barriers to progressing, allowing each reader to obtain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of self and others. Expanding on the standard self-development methodologies, Grid Society is an alternative reality, gamified-system exacting change without chore.

As you begin your journey on the Grid, immersing yourself in gridlife, you will be able to decipher your gridcodes. The book will reveal the answers to following coded questions:

As humans, there are times when it is so hard to assess our personal journey on planet earth. It can be challenging, overwhelming and frustrating to decipher where we have been, where we stand today and where we are heading tomorrow.

Grid Society is a metaphor for life on earth; this analogy is so powerful that it organises all of those thoughts for you providing you with a visual map that can help you to understand your life positioning further. At times it can be so hard to put all your emotions into words, let alone take action to sort and overcome them. Emotions that flow into your ideas, your desires, following your intuition, monitoring your action taking, forming new goals, reflecting, these are all notions that many find extremely hard to put into words.

Our creative and compelling concept has become the mouthpiece for many.

Grid Society is an on-the-go transformative analytical tool that enables you to revolutionise your thinking and clarify your personal reflection process, motivating you to act in a way that is aligned with your future grid.

Reading this book and applying it to your life will:

All packaged in a gratifying, gamified, unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Grid Society is a 3-part system that takes you on a journey, revolutionising your ways of thinking, acting and interacting.

Get Immersed in Gridlife

In the first part of the book, the story is segmented into 11 chapters and it immediately immerses you into gridlife. It introduces a fictional world which goes by the name of, the Universal Grid. This new exoplanet of sorts, comes with its own set of new rules, laws, characters and missions. 9 character types, who we call Gridites, live in this new dimension and they all have the opportunity to move across this Grid towards bigger, brighter and better but do they?

This story becomes a point of reference when trying to establish and decipher what decisions to make in your daily life, so they align with your personal growth and desired future.

Organise thought & plans at Gridmoves Academy

In the second part of the book, we mentally transport you to place on the Grid which we call Gridmoves Academy. We provide a workbook comprising of 8 seminars and 21 assignments which facilitate a deep unpacking of your character, identifying your desired future, your Orange Grid and finally, breaking down all the actions (gridmoves) you need to make to get there, this will be your Green Print.

Take action: Play Grid Games

In the third and final section, you will be inducted into the system, Grid Games – the greatest game of self. Grid Games is a daily tool which calculates how you use your time and where you put your energy enabling you to decipher if you will make it to your Orange Grid. You will play Grid Games for 365 days before The Gridmasters’ decide if you have passed your Gridmasters’ Exam and are able to transition to the next Grid. Will you survive?

The 3 parts of the system builds on one-another, working on your subconscious and conscious thoughts and actions, in turn, creating a self-revolution.

Reflection upon our own character is a hard thing to do, even at the best of times. That is why people do not do it. Sometimes, the main barrier is where do I even begin?

Once you have read about the 9 characters, it will incrementally help you to discern your own character and how this may change on a day-to-day basis, when you are around particular people, engaged in certain relations or in a particular environment or situation. Having a strong awareness of your character is the starting point in the journey of personal growth, it allows you to cultivate an internal belief system and external environment which is productive to making it to your Orange Grid.

Some of the ways the character typology may help you are:

 Knowing when to congratulate yourself – “I was like that once but not anymore.”

 Knowing when to justify to yourself – “I was like that once because of …”

 Knowing when to correct yourself – “I do not like it when I am becoming this character, I can see when it is happening…”

 Knowing how to understand yourself – “I am like this but only for a season.”

 Knowing when your core beliefs and characteristics are aligned – “I am this character, and I am happy with it – no significant changes needed here.’

Book Release Format: Digital

Book Style: Rich text mixed with stunning visuals

Book Release Platform: Exclusive to GridSociety.com 

Genre: Self-Help | Self-Revolution

Chapter Release: Every 21 days

Chapters: 17 | Final release December 2018

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Membership: One fee for a 2 year membership.

Membership Exclusive: Over 15 online pages of different visual moods depicting the Grid via edgy photography.


Can you survive the Grid?