About the Book

Book Release Format: Digital

Book Style: Rich text mixed with stunning visuals

Book Release Platform: Exclusive to GridSociety.com 

Genre: Self-Help | Self-Revolution

Chapter Release: Every 21 days

Chapters: 17 | Final release December 2018

Buy the Book: Join Grid Society and read online or download.

Membership: One fee for a 2 year membership.

Membership Exclusive: Over 15 online pages of different visual moods depicting the Grid via edgy photography.


Grid Society: The Grey Grid is the first of an online visual book trilogy that introduces a fictional world which goes by the name of, the Universal Grid. This new exoplanet of sorts, comes with its own set of new rules, laws, characters and missions.

9 character types, who we call Gridites, live in this new dimension and they all have the opportunity to move across this Grid towards bigger, brighter and better.

The questions that arise throughout the book is…

Can they?

Will they?

Who will?

Who won’t?

Who can’t?

The book is written in such a way that audience has no choice, but to start analysing themselves as soon as this epic journey begins. Good or bad you are instantly compelled to align yourselves with at least one of the grid characters or maybe even a few.

Can you survive the Grid?