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Thank you to all our VISIONARY READERS who believed in our product and vision from the beginning of our journey by purchasing our entire first book GRID SOCIETY: THE GREY GRID in advance. You helped us to lay the first layer for our commercial foundation and we are truly thankful. You will never be forgotten as we continue to grow. Remember, because of your VISION and BELIEF in our concept, collectively we have paved a path for the newer readers, who we call the EARLY GRID SETTLERS. 


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Chapter Release

We have currently released 10 exciting chapters. There is one final chapter waiting to be released. Purchase PART 1 today and you will be alerted via email when the final chapter is ready for viewing. In the meantime, there are 10 gripping chapters to sink your teeth into, learning all about GRIDLIFE and the characters that dwell there.

Early Grid Settlers Package

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