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Grid Society: The Grey Grid is the first of an online visual book trilogy that introduces a fictional world which goes by the name of, the Universal Grid. This new exoplanet of sorts, comes with its own set of new rules, laws, characters and missions.

9 character types, who we call Gridites, live in this new dimension and they all have the opportunity to move across this Grid towards bigger, brighter and better.

The questions that arise throughout the book is…

Can they?

Will they?

Who will?

Who won’t?

Who can’t?

The book is written in such a way that audience has no choice, but to start analysing themselves as soon as this epic journey begins. Good or bad you are instantly compelled to align yourselves with at least one of the grid characters or maybe even a few.

In the second part of the book, Gridites are urged to attend Gridmoves Academy. This is the place that residents of the Grey Grid attend when they decide it is time to make GRIDMOVES.

Here, new students are issued with 8 abstract seminars and 21 grid assignments that must be completed; this is gridlaw. All the material has been creatively constructed by the rulers of the Grid to provoke or confirm what is referred to as ‘gridmovish’ thinking. 

It is only during time spent attending Gridmoves Academy that the rulers of the Grid reveal their full philosophy and gruelling expectations, for those who declare it is time to change Grids.


Can you survive the Grid?

Life on the Grey Grid can be complex, some may not even be alert to GREY GRID CODES.

Signs of being on the Grey Grid may be difficult to distinguish; this is a part of GREY GRIDLIFE. At times, it may take a deeper exploration to begin to establish your positioning on the Grid. With that said, some of the more obvious signs and symptoms of being on the Grey Grid may include:

~ Humans get stuck

~ Humans get overwhelmed

~ Humans get demoralised

~ Humans get confused

~ Humans get scared


~ Humans do not know what they want

~ Humans do not take the time to gain clarity

~ Humans do not value the link between personal character and personal success

~ Humans do not track their thinking

~ Humans do not know how to track their progress

~ Humans do not utilise their skills and abilities

~ Humans do not want to take risks

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~ Humans are unclear about  where they are going

~ Humans are human-pleasers

~ Humans are too focused on material routes to success

~ Humans are deterred by societal demands

~ Humans are scared of failure

~ Humans fall victim to the tricks of their own minds

~ Humans cannot progress, because of those around them

~ Humans avoid in-depth reflection

~ Humans go around in circles

~ Humans focus on outcome and not processes

Grid Society: The Grey Grid aims to eradicate signs and symptoms of the GREY GRID existence.

Read what people said when they experienced GRIDLIFE.

There are 9 character types that live on the Grey Grid, they all have the opportunity to change their Grid. You will learn, what they wear, where they live, what their role and Grid mission is and the GRIDOLITICS surrounding them.

Who will make it across?
Who can’t make it across?
Who refuses to make it across?
Who stops who from making it across?

They float in a
different dimension.

They need you
under surveillance.

They always have
an app for that.

They are
concrete thinkers.

Will they get off
Route 5010?

Their tales
can make or break you.

They operate
in the shadows.

They are
groomed to rise.

All they need is

 GRID SOCIETY: The Grey Grid will be released in a serialised form, every 21 DAYS. Given the complexity, of life on the Grey Grid, we are delivering the book to you in short, manageable chunks – as ‘snackable content’.

A new chapter, every 21 days, will allow Grid Society members to fully understand, retain and apply key concepts about life on the Grey Grid.  Further, having the time to take note of gridlife and then see how it plays out on planet Earth, will become a fundamental strategy for surviving the Grid.

Which Grid do you live on?

Release date:
04 Feb 2018

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Your introduction to this new dimension begins here. A written and visual guide to life on the Universal Grid. You will learn about each Grid, the division system, its size, the population, the weather, the Gridites, the transportation and the exits and entrances.


Which Gridtones do you radiate?

Release date:
04 Feb 2018

Photo | Alex Iby |


A breakdown of the energy surrounding the Universal Grid. The laws, the causes and the effects.


Which Grid character are you?

Release date:
25 Feb 2018 – 25 Aug 2018

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There are 9 character types that live on the Grey Grid, they all have the opportunity to change their Grid. You will learn what they wear, where they live, what their role and Grid mission is and the Gridolitics surrounding them.


Are you ready to change your Grid?

Release date:
16 Sep 2018 – 07 Oct 2018

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The Seminars:

8 creatively abstract seminars to shift your thinking.


How well do you know your Grid?

Release date:
28 Oct 2018 – 09 Dec 2018

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The Assignments:

3 grid assignments, comprising of 21 tasks to transform your personal Grid.


Can you survive the Grid?

Release date:
30 Dec 2018

Photo | Etienne Boulanger


The Grid Games: The Greatest Game of Self.

An instruction manual of how to get on the Grid and calculate your gridmoves.


This is an independent project and due to underground public demand we have decided to launch before the print phase is ready.

This is the raw, limited edition version of our book Grid Society: The Grey Grid.

This version is limited to the project’s early adopters. We consider our early adopters, visionary members.

Visionary members will receive a 2 year subscription to the GRIDMOVES philosophy, before the mainstream market, for a fraction of the recommended retail price.


To immerse our visionary members into Grid Society, we have gone the extra mile by creating an exclusive visual depiction of the Grid and its residents – the Gridites – to compliment the book.