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Grid Society is a system that allows individuals to transform themselves to become the best possible version of themselves that they can be.

It uses a set of innovative techniques to allow people to set their own measurable and time-based goals. To appeal to people Grid Society is presented as a game, set in an alternative world and played by your avatar.

The game world is somewhat mysterious and secretive uses its own lexicon and codes. This separation of the underlying purpose of the game (self-analysis, self-help, self-motivation, self-development) and its presentation (a secret game) is critical to appeal to the target audience who would, perhaps, reject a more straightforward and undisguised self-help system.

-Andy, Managing Director


Grid Society has been life-changing for me. My outlook on life, my goals and most importantly the type of human that I am and growing into.

Grid Society has given me motivation and stopped me from seeking validation or approval from others as my personal GRID allows me to recognise how hard I work. The most beautiful thing about Grid Society is watching two masters work so hard to make their vision a reality, their determination and focus is so inspirational.

For anyone who does not know about ‘GRID SOCIETY’, I urge you, to really invest in purchasing this product which will help you to be better and really make Gridmoves. It is hard to be honest with yourself and really look at yourself in the mirror, which the Gridmoves concept helps you to do. THE GRID is coming to earth and I am looking forward to getting to Quantum District.

-Shona, Job Coach


Doing the Gridmoves Exam has helped me to focus on what I want in life, something I didn’t ever think about before. I’m a bit of a dreamer and rarely follow through on my dreams.

Since reading Grid Society, it has allowed me to grow in confidence and also helped me focus on what is really important to me. One of the biggest achievements was supporting my wife with her pregnancy, something we were struggling with for a while.

Some of the benefits for being ON THE GRID have included changing my mindset, helping me to become more confident, learning not to be a people pleaser.

I also successfully changed my job role and I am really happy and doing much better in this new role. I feel all changes have been a direct result of being part of Grid Society.

Thank you to the Grid for helping me work out what’s important for me.

Ads, Sales Consultant


Gridmoves as I understand it, is a platform for motivated change.

Most people find that in some ways, their life is gridlocked – confined, conformed, controlled and restricted. Gridmoves provides a self-directed platform for growth and change encompassing all of the ‘standard’ methodologies for self-development, self-awareness and self-improvement along with visualisation – helping those who use the grid, to unlock…and move forward in life.

It provides a softly guided stepped process, driven by your own aspirations and desires. It highlights deficiencies in personality types that create the barriers to progressing. It enables the user to fully integrate into the process and obtain a deeper more meaningful understanding of self and others and a sense of ownership over their own destiny.

It feeds on the natural human desires and basic emotional needs to help motivate and move forward in a streamlined way in all areas of life – love, friendships, personal and professional.

It is virtually impossible to grab my attention. Well done Gridmoves, you have awakened me! For those that know me (and my dreams); I have little patience for nonsense and previously had actively avoided engaging – or tried and lost interest quickly in other similar projects. I am therefore rarely excited by the launch of such ideas, but, the Gridmoves concept has inspired me…..ME!!!

On the periphery, I have achieved much of what I set out to do in life, but life after 40 starts a new journey, and I am always looking at ways to enhance. Gridmoves provides things I didn’t even know I was looking for. I am incredibly eager to get fully ‘on the grid’ and see how I can further evolve. I can already feel that my life will soon have new horizons.

-Melissa, Medical Doctor


No more groundhog day for me!

We often passively shrug off negativity as being part of life. The “Oh well, that’s life” attitude. This complacent attitude is the only thing that I had to justify how low things had got for me.

You hit a wall. You live a Ground Hog Day. You breathe just enough to get through it. In your head, you feel you are grateful to God so you will plough through the seconds, minutes, hours as though it’s a favour. You pray ritualistically as though actions are enough and the spiritual attachment is void.

This is when Gridmoves found me. I took the initial assessment with no expectations and the results were incredible. My life was dissected. I was able to not only see but comprehend the extent of the Grey that was shadowing over me for so many years. I found myself so motivated to make a change.

Gridmoves has been life changing for me. After just the initial 12 weeks of being ON THE GRID, everything about my life changed. By the end of the second cycle, I was constantly radiating orange. Doing the assessment is, by far, the best part. It enabled me to visualise my transition and this is the most positively overwhelming experience.

What I love about Gridmoves is the fact that it did not dictate anything. It cleverly guides your trail of thought allowing YOU to make small realistic changes. I was lazy before as I thought the changes I need to make are too big and accepted the rut I was in. However, Gridmoves broke it all down and I could make small changes that had a lasting impact.

I will not go back to my old ways and if do, I know I can reign myself back to the Grid. Gridmoves is genius!

Uwaisa, Professional Cake Maker & Decorator


The Gridmoves Exam & getting ‘ON THE GRID’

Writing things down has a finality and the words you write are inescapable. If you are looking to really better yourself, as I am, this is essential. Since doing the exam and getting ‘ON THE GRID’, I’ve realised how negative I can be and how routine and draining it is. The exam showed me how prone to pessimism I am and how this pessimism almost never tallies with the truth. It showed me that I need to change my attitude, which is holding me back. Although I knew that already, writing it down made it final and inescapable.

Another thing I saw in my exam, was not only am I capable of changing my mind-set but also of achieving what I want to do in my future. It seems so obvious to write things down but the exam makes you quantify the effects of what you do and rethink how you can best spend your time in order to make sure that you are positively adding to your life, your family’s lives, the planet and being happy in the process.

The Gridmoves Exam is the line you draw under what has passed so that you can change your routine, be conscious of what you are doing, why you are doing it and make your time count. It is the end of excuses and the beginning of true productivity.

It’s such a life-changing tool for anyone who really, truly wants to make positive changes and dared to doubt that it can be done.

-Kafi, Fitness Coach & Massage Therapist.


Well, where do I start and how can I end when I think about what being ‘ON THE GRID’ has done for my life and what Gridmoves means to me.

I am a mum of 4 children and have been ‘ON THE GRID’ for the last 2 years. In the first year, admittedly, I fell off the Grid but for my second year I have managed to stay on it and have truly reaped the rewards.

My life has become structured, purposeful and productive because of it. I have had quite a tumultuous year both positively and negatively. However, being ‘on the Grid’ has given me the focus to remain positive and push-on with strength to motivate myself and not drown in doubt, that otherwise may have seen me clamouring to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Gridmoves is so much more than a book, or a concept: it is the compass to my life, it is my shield against the negative people who I have to deal with in my life. It has become a way of life to both my children, as well as myself. My children have benefited by having a focused, balanced and organised mum, who doesn’t let things overwhelm her. I now spend equal quality time with all 4 of my children and appreciate the smaller things in my day to acknowledge them all.

My children often say to me first thing in the morning and last thing at night “mum have you filled in your Grid?” or “oh mum! That’s an X to you Grid mum!” Gridmoves is unbiased and non-judgmental. It will captivate and engage you in such an endearing and neutral way, without being patronising. It is by far the best thing that’s happened in my life as far as growth is concerned. It makes me want more from myself not because society tells me, but because Gridmoves has equipped me to accept myself, know myself and believe in myself when reaching for my Orange Grid.

-Sandra, Activist


Transformational, inspirational and enabling self-reflection and the ability to enter into innovative challenging realms to live, act and behave in new ways whilst thinking outside of the box.

Growing up in the environment I did, I found self-development tools and activities lead me to change my life – meet my husband, have my children, travel worldwide and work in environments, far beyond where some would have imagined I would have ended up.

Gridmoves has enabled me to begin a new journey into new lands (on the Grid) literally. In my day to day activities, I usually set goals and plan tasks – some days more effective than others, however, Gridmoves allows for ‘daily dramas’ to be dealt in a manner which lets me be ‘positively introspective’ – sounds like an oxymoron, but it works! I am able to look inside, reflect, take action and do things differently – whilst still thinking outside the box.

I have new ways of thinking – highlighting behaviours which have in the past adversely impacted on my life since childhood. I now think and act innovatively to reduce negative behaviours which can paralyze my creativity and development.

After 12 weeks of being on the Grid, I completed the review. Taking more notice of my actions, I realised I represent varied Grid characters within Grid Society – the review process tells me the truth about who and how I am. The review allowed me to realise that I can be self-deprecating and self-sabotaging – however, whilst on Grid, I am able to notice earlier and find new ways to move forward and to challenge old behaviours.

I would consider myself sufficient and experienced at a number of self-development tools, activities and have completed numerous courses over the years. Yet, Grid Society has resulted in me being reignited with enthusiasm in a number of key areas of my life, how I deal with work, my family, my goals, and as a result I am challenging current goals and objectives with zeal.

Getting to know and work with the founders has been and is currently amazing, enlightening, rewarding and powerful in so many ways and I am honoured to have been given the opportunity. Grid Society has the ability to positively impact lives of children, youth, adults, parents, patients, companies, educational establishments of all levels and can impact people internationally.

Louise, CEO & Entrepreneur


Before Gridmoves, I had a negative mind-set which was having an impact on my health.

I was allowing my negative thoughts to stop me from being true to the goals and aspirations I wanted to achieve. I believed because of my past experiences, I was powerless to change.

As a result of Gridmoves, I was able to recognise the changes I needed to make and how I was able to change my health situation, something I thought I was unable to control. As a result, I started to implement changes which had a massive impact.

12 after weeks Gridmoves, my life changed, something I didn’t think would be possible. Thanks to Gridmoves, I have reached one of my biggest orange goals. It changed my life!! Thank you.

-Neera, Drugs and Alcohol Practitioner


Gridmoves is where you can track the targets that you set and feel proud of yourself when you accomplish your greatest achievements.

Gridmoves makes me feel happy, because I know that I have done all the things that will make me happy, feel smarter and better at doing things.

I love Gridmoves.

THE GRID is something you can do every day, it is like a game of chess. When the other person makes a move, you make your own moves and win.

Tyon aged 7, Student & Future Scientist

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