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We are so thankful for all the amazing creatives on Instagram who have allowed us to feature their creative works and visuals, helping us to independently create the vision of our ‘UNIVERSAL GRID’ for our online book, GRID SOCIETY: The Grey Grid.

We are really passionate about using ‘social media’ images from mostly those who have supported us on Instagram over the years. Our mission is to show how these amazing visuals can be used in another creative format, in another dimension, away from their social media platforms, away from planet earth. Welcome to GRIDLIFE!

Team Gridmoves


The Spanish Creative

About JUAN

Juan is 31 and he lives in Malaga.

He loves relaxing on the beach and skateboarding.

He is a model and has worked for many brands.

He loves getting behind the camera also and takes pictures of buildings and nature.

He partners with Klokut Watches as the Creative Director.

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UK Super Producer

Top Grime Producer


About Davinche

DaVinChe is a British record producer and songwriter from England who is best known as one of the pioneer producers in the UK Grime scene. Hailed as a “grime veteran” DaVinChe’s stamp on the genre was indelible from the start, and he is commonly known as one of first to introduce tracks with singers to the genre, which until that point, had only heard a male-dominated rap-esque sound. Although he began his career producing grime tracks, he has since turned his talents onto projects across various genres. There is a subtext to DaVinChe making him more difficult to pin down or stereotype. As well as being a self-taught engineer and producer, DaVinChe is also a pianist and guitarist, vocal producer and arranger, whose compositions are often influenced by other genres (indie, hip-hop, contemporary R’n’B and pop).

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Instagram: Davinche
New Artist Instagram: Nahli (Singer)
Spotify: VinchOnacci
Spotify: Powers


The Sci-Fi Eye

About Michiel

Michiel Bauvois – Graphic Artist

Every day, I try to envision a world. A different reality. A reality I want to be part of and experience. Everything I create and share is a contribution to that world. Using photography, editing, and graphic design, I want to introduce people to my perception of reality, inspire them and start a dialogue.

I strive to become a graphic artist who can transfer a certain concept and vibe to a certain audience, to make them feel like they are in a different world, for a brief moment. To experience these feelings, vibes and stories, is what being human is all about to me.

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The Serene Photographer with Power

About Serene

Born and raised in East London, photographer Serene Power has emerged into the forefront of digital creativity. She uses her own personal style to recreate her vision, capturing and portraying her own style on different models, while building her visual portfolio of different musicians within the music industry.

Serene is launching her website in January 2019, which will go by the name of MyGenWhy, this means ‘Generation Why?’ Yes, it is a question but the meaning stems from a questionable era of which we now live in. Social media has a massive effect on how we present ourselves to others and the world at large. The website is a creative outlook of photography from our generations point of view.

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Read More: Photos
Instagram: @serenepower


The illgrammer

About Jeffrey

“To me, photography is all about exploring things around me and perceiving the uncommon from common. My first encounter with photography is through following extremely creative photographers on Instagram, many of whom have eventually inspired me to pick up my camera myself. First, by imitating shots from these Instagrammers, then to gradually finding my own creativity. Photography has immersed into an indispensable part of my life over the past year.

As a student, I have dedicated most of my time to my academic works, but whenever I have time, I grab my camera and wander through the city, capturing the essence.”

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Fearful of Ghosts?

About Fábio

My name is Fábio Pereira. I am from a small city in Portugal called ‘Portimão’. I am 20 years old and I own a clothing brand called ‘Fearful’ which I started one year ago. Recently, I founded a new company which focuses on content creation called ‘Luxe Media’, it is still in the early stages but I am working on it. I like to do a lot of stuff, so I created a new Podcast called ‘Street Buzz’ which will be released soon on all platforms.

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The Masked Talent

Lasaye Hommes NY

About Lasaye

New York native, La’Saye Hommes is a Hip-Hop and visual artist quickly gaining notoriety for his “masked-appealed” and captivating high-fashion style.

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Instagram: LasayeHommes
Spotify: Lasaye Hommes
You Tube: LaSaye Hommes


The Edgy Japanese Mood

Japanese Fashion Bloggers

About sistere

Go online shopping with these Japanese Fashion Bloggers who specialise in contemporary minimalist fashion pieces, focusing on natural fabrics with natural colouring.

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The passionate creative

About Henry

My name is Henry Aguilar, but I go by the name of Henry Ivany. My preferred style of photography is portrait and fashion photography. I started photography at the age of 12, right after the end of 8th grade.

What started my passion was a shot that I captured during the 4th of July celebrations. A small kid about the age of 5 walked past me, he started to tug on a man’s shirt next to him, whom I presumably thought was his father. The child sits on the shoulders of his father, looking up into the night sky, the Fireworks Show was about to begin. As soon as it did, the dim night filled up with bright colors. I looked back at the child who had his hand raised up at the sky pointing out the trail of fireworks and it almost seemed like the kid was making the fireworks burst by pointing at the sky, I just had to take a picture of that!

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Street Fashion Influencer


charley van purpz

About Charley

Stylist, designer, reluctant model; there isn’t a lot that Charley Van Purpz doesn’t do when it comes to the world of fashion. With a distinct personal style that blends simple tailoring with streetwear, he’s a favourite with street style photographers at London Collections Men but his real passion is what goes on behind the camera. A stylist for the past six or seven years, Charley has worked with brands like Valentino, Converse and Levi’s…


Read more about him on

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Mind, Art & Soul

About Charley

I am a creative Soul, expressing myself through Bodypaint, Make-Up-Artistry and Dance. I believe in a Body-Mind-Spirit-Connection and i`m inspired by mother nature. My performances have a ritualistic character, melting colours, culture and artistical madness into one holy pot. ONENESS.

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Architectural King

About Justin

My name is Justin Biegall and I am a photographer.

Well, probably more a hobby photographer. I started photography a few years ago using my phone and since March 2016 using a DSLR.

Photography has always been kind of a passion and there are only a few things that fulfill me more, than inspiring and fascinating people with my work.

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Movie Lenses

Read Digital Download

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Instagram: @kierdecordova


looking thru London Lenses

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Started taking photos at 16...

About Eric

To me, photography is the greatest thing ever. Although I am only 16, my passion for photography does not stop me from chasing my dreams. Photography to me isn’t only a way of sharing and portraying the world through my eyes but it is also like a meditation to me. When I am stressed or worried I go out and take photos. I often struggle to use words to argue or bring my point across but with a camera I feel like I am the most powerful man alive. I am not afraid of showing what I believe and how I feel. This is why I believe my photographs truly illustrate the world in my perspective.

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Instagram: e.hansman
Facebook: erikhansmanphotography
Website: erikhansmanphoto


Bringing the Indian Heatwave

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looking thru London Lenses


The Minimalist Fashionista




Snapping Moments & Memories ...

About Silvio

I am a creative web developer based in Bologna, Italy. I have a keen interest in visuals and photography, these are really the power generators for all my work and hobbies. As an amateur photographer, I try to follow my own rules and style, looking at the world around me, trying to depict it from my unique perspective. Also, I would like to say that photography is such a beautiful art form. We are here in this world for brief moments. Memories and experiences are the only things that will follow us for the rest of our lives, so my goal is to make them count, both in my imagery and my life experiences.

Reporting from The Grid.


The Edgy Entrepreneur


My name is Joshua Paul and I’m a 20 something entrepreneur and photographer.

I started photography because it gave me something to do when there was nothing to do, which makes nothing to do something to do. I realized that I could use ‘Photography Tours’ as my voice and speak to others, and from that, I gained a following and started this company called Papí Fayo that is aiming to bridge the gap between homelessness and everyday society.

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